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Zara Soap Dispenser_Groups_2021-01-18_5_


Washing Liquid Dispenser

Using Cinema 4D and Redshift Render, these visualisations of the ZARA Home Washing Liquid Dispenser were modelled and rendered from scratch. The whole project took around 3 days to complete. 

3D Modelling - Stringer Design

Lighting & Rendering - Stringer Design

Zara Soap Dispenser_Groups_2021-01-18_6_
Zara Soap Dispenser_Green_2021-01-18_1_.
Zara Soap Dispenser_Groups_2021-01-19_2_
Zara Soap Dispenser_Green_2021-01-18_3_.
Zara Soap Dispenser_Groups_2021-01-19_7_
Zara Soap Dispenser_Green_2021-01-18_4_.
Zara Soap Dispenser_Groups_2021-01-18_5_
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